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Jeffrey M. Cornejo, Ed.D / Principal
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Melanie Webb / Dean of Students
Dean of Students



I would like to introduce myself; my name is Jeffrey M. Cornejo, Ed.D.  I have been with Long Beach Unified School District since 1987 as a Teacher at Franklin Middle School. In 1991, I moved to Millikan High School as an Assistant Principal.  In 2000, I performed my first stint at Will J. Reid High School as the Principal. I was also the Principal of the Guidance Opportunity Centers and the Transitional Ninth Grade High School.  It was at this time that the district decided to start Renaissance Career Academy on the former Reid High School site.  In 2002, I was reassigned to Millikan High School as Co-Principal.  I have had a long and fulfilling career in Long Beach, and I am eager to start my next stage of my career back here at Reid High School.  I consider Reid to be the best kept secret of the LBUSD, and it is my intention to not keep it a secret any longer.


Will J. Reid High School is an alternative high school of the Long Beach Unified School District.  When I was formerly assigned to Reid, the program was housed in the downtown area of Long Beach, located on the corner of Long Beach Boulevard and 8th Street.  In order to better serve the students of LBUSD, the program was moved to 2153 West Hill Street in the west side of town.  The campus is now located on the former Regional Occupation Program Garden Site.


Reid’s mission is to provide personalized instruction and support in an alternative educational setting.  The campus will be a safe, caring and nurturing learning environment where each student is challenged daily to meet high academic and social expectation by a team of dedicated professionals.  The Reid staff wants to work in collaboration with parents and other stakeholders.  Our vision is that every student graduates and then moves on a college or career path.


The students at Reid High School receive the services of a well-prepared and dedicated staff.  Twenty-four staff members are on site to meet the needs of the students.  There are ten teachers offering a wide variety of curriculum.  The staff is highly trained and sets high standards of achievement for their students.  Our class sizes are smaller than a comprehensive high school.


Reid has a certificated academic counselor.  The counselor has multiple opportunities to conference with her assigned students regarding their individualized high school educational plan and beyond.  The students will receive guidance in attendance improvement, behavior modification, character education, acceptance of diversity, academic success techniques, careers and technology.  The classified staff enthusiastically serves the students of Will J. Reid High School.


The traditional high school campus does not work for all students.  Our goal is to create a safe and nurturing small environment for our students.  We want to have a place where these students are given every opportunity to receive a high school diploma and pursue their dreams.

Melanie Webb / Dean of Students

Hello Everyone,


My name is Melanie L. Webb, M.Ed. and I have enjoyed the privilege of working as dean at Reid since 2008. Reid provides a small nurturing environment where students don’t get lost in the crowd. I am grateful to be a part of that experience.

I started my career with Long Beach Unified School District as an English teacher at Jordan High School in 1991. During my tenure at Jordan, I was Lead Teacher for the 9th/10th Grade House Program from 1994-99 and English Department Co-Chair from 1995-99.  After a three-year hiatus from education, I returned to teaching at Cabrillo High School where I taught English from 2002-08.

I am married to Warner Kennedy who works with deaf students in Los Angeles Unified School District. When I met my husband, he had a 12-year old daughter, named Whitney, who is now 29 with a 7-year old daughter of her own, named Lanaii. Warner and I regularly spend time with Lanaii; being grandparents is a joy.

I enjoy my work at Reid, helping students make positive changes for productive futures.


Melanie L. Webb

Dean of Students